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We over 850 fragrance oils! These are our top 20 Best-selling oils for women and men. To view more download our PDF Personal Care Catalog or order a free print copy.  Natural Essence can also blend a scent exclusively for you! Special blends: $7. Just give us a call, email us or chat with us on Facebook!
Fragrances for Women
Fragrances for Men
Love Spell Type
 1 Million Intense Type
Ed Hardy (W) Type
 1 Million Type
Moon Sparkle Type
 21 Le Fou Dolce & Gabbana Type
1881 by Nino Cerruti Type
 Unforgiveable by Sean John (M) Type
Amber White
 Polo: Black (M) Type
Baby Powder (W) Type
 African Musk Green (M) 
Dolce & Gabbana: Light Blue (W)
 Armani: Black Carat Diamonds (M) 
Black Woman (W) Type
 Barack Obama (M) Type
Beyonce Heat (W) Type
 Cool Water (M)
Egyptian Musk
 JPG: Le Male (M)
White Diamonds (W)
 Issey Miyake (M) Type
Michele Obama (W) Type
 Polo: Blue (M)
Nicki Minaj: Trini Girl (W) Type
 Polo: Red (M)
Patti LaBelle (W) Type
 Sean John: 3AM (M)
Pink Sugar (W) Type
 Doloce & Gabbana (M)
Chanel: Coco Mademoiselle (W)
 Marc Jacobs: Bang (M) Type
Black Woman: Unique (W)
 Kenneth Cole: For Him (M) Type
Halle Berry (W)
 Givenchy: Gentlemen (M) Type
Rihanna: Reb'LFleur (W)
 Tommy Bahama: Maritime (M) Type
Victoria's Secret: Bombshell Nights (W) Type
 Abercrombie & Fitch: Notheast (M) Type